• Balkenbett aus Eiche im Onlineshop kaufen Balkenbetten
    aus Eiche in 1000 Variationen
  • Holzblock Holzsaeulen in vielen Dimensionen als Couchtisch, Beistelltisch, oder Hocker Holzblock / Holzsaeulen
    aus wilder Eiche, Kernbuche oder Bergahorn im Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer, sowie im Garten
  • Massivholz Sideboards, Lowboards und Regale, sowie Anrichten mit Naturkanten Regale und Sideboards
    Massivholz Sideboards, Lowboards und Regale, sowie Anrichten auf Wunsch auch mit Naturkanten,
  • grinERA - Holzbadewannen und Holzwaschbecken aus Massivholz Holzbadewannen und Holzwaschbecken
    aus Massivholz in vielen Designs nach Mass

The wooden block and beam shop, with solid wood furniture made from oak, beech and other woods

Our furnitures are made from extra thick wood and thus differ from the usual solid wood furniture. WOODLUX products survive generations and are an expression of strength and intransigence.

Oak and beech beam furniture and wooden block furniture made ​​from 100% solid wood. Find wooden block stools, coffee tables made ​​of beams, benches made ​​of solid planks, our luxury oak beam beds, and many other solid wood furnitures for your home and garden

Benches in many lengths and styles of solid wood

Benches in many styles and sizes

Oak beam and block couch tables in various designs

Couch and coffee tables in block and beam design

Solid wood blocks as side table, wooden stool, or coffee table

Wooden block stools in many sizes

Oak beam bed, in many designs and sizes, from solid wood

Oak beam beds in many designs and sizes

Wooden sinks and bathtubs from solid wood

Solid wood bathtubs and wash basins

Wooden columns made from oak beams in 100+ sizes

Wooden columns from S to XXXL

Our solid wood furniture are made of pure wood and stand out for their clean geometric shapes combined with the natural beauty of each handcrafted surface. Our beam and block furniture is available with natural and oiled surface and are pre-dried in the drying chamber. The material used for the living room and bedroom furniture comes from European forests which are sustainably managed. Every piece of furniture has its individual grain, contrast, cracks and knots, caused by the whim of nature. Most of our products can be fully customized to your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us, with any questions you might have.