A wooden bathtub - this is something quite new on the market, or?

Holzzuber / Bottiche gibt es seit dem MittelalterDid you know that already in the Middle ages Bath tubs made of wood were used? At that time were typical way wooden tub, also wooden tubs known as used. These were held together by metal strips on the sides, to withstand the water pressure. Today, many centuries later, there are still manufacturers that specialize in this technology which applies to notice, that this technique, with regard to the design of the wooden bathtub, limits are set.

Another option is to glue several layers of veneer with tons of synthetic resin in customized forms. The opinions in this process differ. There is a people who have no problem with that Wooden tub own, which consists for the most part made of plastic. This is namely the case these saturated products. Quite aside from that the required shape an individual size design makes almost impossible.

We have elegant at grinERA another wayTo produce bathtubs made of wood. We do not on the metal straps and laminated veneers.

Holzplanken - Die Ausgangsbasis für eine Badewanne aus Holz

Here you will find only solid wood products. We glue several wooden elements precisely with high-quality glue overlapping each other.

This design is many times more expensive than a hot tub, or a laminated bathtub. Our solid wood bathtubs have a Wall thickness of 5 cm - 8 cm made of pure wood. By the fact that wood is a very good insulator of heat, you can save energy. Such a wooden bathtub bath water won't cool, but much remains longer warm, as for example in a metal, acrylic, or laminated bathtub.


The production of our wooden bathtubs in detail:

Before you can start with the production of your wood bath, the question first is what type of wood should be used. In the past,.were used mostly wood such as larch, Kambala, and teak, which naturally have a strong resistance to water. For several years, companies use other types of wood more and more for sanitary products.

The technological progress Impregnation, paints, and hardening oils has made quantum leaps, and allows us now to use a variety of wood in the bathroom.

We have many years of Die Innenseite ist fast fertig. Außen muss die Holzbadewanne noch bearbeitet werden.long tests carried out to guarantee you now that our products hold also what they should - namely water.

Whether straight, round, or a combination. at grinERA modern woodworking machinery, as well as innovative Own developments used to obtain a perfect result. Our round wooden bathtubs, for example, are added over 100 exactly rightly sawn wood parts together. Each wood Layer glued over each other and different sic(h) in the diameter and wall thickness. On the computer needed to compute the elements, so that at the end also everything fits. Then, the bonded elements make the carcass of the bathtub made of wood. This is followed by the laborious milling and grinding of the soil, the inside and the outside.

Die Außenseite ist auch fertig. Es fehlen noch das Loch für den Abfluss und die aufwändige Beschichtung

The noisy and dusty woodworking is finished with the top section.  Now 50% have been processed approximately 70% of the wooden planks to fine sawdust and firewood. It remains a Jewel, which has reached its final form, and probably even the grandchildren of the new holder will delight after the next step has been completed.

It follows the time-intensive treatment of the wooden bathtub in which you can select between multilayer seal and oiled surface.


The multilayer seal

1. Waterproofing

After wood processing is completed, and the entire surface has been sanded evenly by hand the treatment begins. Our very deep penetrating impregnation is the basis for a long-term durability compared to the water. We work with different consistencies. Hochglanzpoliertes Massivholz für eine HolzbadewanneFirst, the impregnation liquid is extremely thin and diluted with balsamic turpentine. Balsamic turpentine is a natural thinner which is obtained from conifers, and is also often used in painting. This ensures that the impregnation penetrates much deeper on wood, as even water in the State would be. Deep inside the impregnation with the cells of the wood binds. Balm turpentine evaporates in the air and leaves no residue in wood. This ongoing process Try again We with weaker impurity of the balsamic turpentine, until the woodis saturated (acts no longer like a sponge) and provide a basis for the other layers.

2. Primer

After the deep acting impregnation process is completed, the primer begins.

The goal of the primer is to get a highest possible connection between the wood surface and sealing. Surely you know chipped layers of paint, which can be caused by a false surface construction from other areas. Both indoor (furniture and thresholds in the bottom area, parquet floors) and outdoor (wooden arbours, wooden Windows and doors, fences) can be seen of the frequent this paint damage. Usually, this damage resulting through improper paints, or the structure of. The consequences are considerable. If it happened only once so far that the wood is free, it is usually too late. The wood is no longer protected as probably a deep acting treatment has been omitted. The cause of burst coatings is mostly the same. The used paint is too brittle and has no fixed connection with the wood. Any wood specialist will confirm you that just wood is a natural product. AlsoAccording to the long and elaborate drying process, wood work is always a little in the direction of one or the other, this is called warp. The used paint should take this into account and control flexibility. Our primer helps exactly at this point and forms the right cushion. The primer is waterproof, extremely strong binds with the surface of the wood and the right basis for further orders. We use multiple layers for priming the bathtub made of wood and each time sand the entire surface between the layers, to achieve a perfect result.


3. The crowning glory: UV and scratch protection

For the already described protective coating passed about two to three weeks. After each layer, we can again completely dry the Pan before it goes to the sand and the next layer. To quick work reduces the quality of the bathtub, that receives the highest priority in our.

The wooden bathtub is now completely waterproof and almost ready to be sent to the customer.However, there to observe another aspect. Their dream bath should still high-quality look of course even after many years and get minimal scratches by sharp and hard objects. It is here that the tub at the end receives several layers our special varnish, whose recipe we keep secret to make it not too light of competition. This mixture, which consists of various components and extremely cured is polished by hand in the port and provides the high-quality closure you want for a wooden bathtub. The surface is about to compare with that of a car and can be even after years of intensive use Polish the back. Scratches can be removed this easily by improper cleaning (abrasive), or due to accidents, perfume unusual in, as well as any scratch rings, so that the tub looks like new again.



The oiled surface:

Our products can be produced with a few exceptions in the wood selection with a completely natural surface.

We use a layer structure differing as follows:


Our natural deep impregnation

We use a mixture of different oils for our oil-waxed surfaces. These include, inter alia, linseed oil and Tung oil (known also as Chinese oil). The latter is used for centuries for impregnation. Did you know that with the great wall of China geoelte Oberfläche seidenmattThis oil has been preserved? The two mentioned oils are characterized by their curing properties. A special order stirred various mixtures that are very thin and thus deeply penetrate into the wood. Through the so-called Polymerization These special oils harden the mixture. This chemical reaction is done by irradiation of UV light and oxidation. The oxygen in the ambient air reacts with the mixture and causes a very strong hardened. A great advantage of our process is that the oil is used in the curing extends (Similarly with water, in the freezer). This willeven the smallest holes in the pores of the wood, which could provide a working surface for water filled and sealed.

We repeat this process several times until the wood is completely saturated. Here, we can call any fixed number of layers. Each wooden board, also of the same ilk, is a natural product, and differs again from its properties. It can also be observed, that the forehead wood (also end grain called - the name given to the site of wood, on which you can see the growth rings) absorbs a lot more because the wood fibres in these places are open and act like a sponge.

Between each new layer differing in the mix, the previous one must dry out first completely. Only in this way, it can be guaranteed that achieves the desired result - a completely waterproof surface that remains waterproof for decades.

After the wood fully impregnated is, we are dealing with the surface. More mixture of similar oils and other additives helps to achieve a possible resistant surface. We add this mixture also our oil products. We recommend the entireSurface to rub this mixture occasionally (1-3 times a year) and to remove excess oil. After each procedure, you will see how the grain on the new is being cheered on.

Scratches can be ground without complications with fine abrasive paper out by improper cleaning (abrasive) or sharp objects such as rings, or perfume. Then be one or two layers (between the layers allow to harden) sparingly applied and can be polished to last.


The bath is now ready and can be on the way to the customer. It is on a pallet or in a huge wooden box securely packaged for travel to other continents. Every point on earth can be controlled by us, or our shipping partner.


Whether oiled surface or sealing of multilayer - Zuber, plywood or solid wood. The choice is yours. We hope that the information on this Web site can help you to make the choice for you. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. Gladly we will discuss anotherwith you. We hope that our competence in Holzsanitär says to you.

We trust in our products. You can also - with a quiet conscience.


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